Enterprise Portals or Websites
Enterprise Portal Platform enables organizations to quickly build dynamic websites in a highly reusable way. Unlike portals of the past, Our Enterprise Portal Platform enables quick time-to-value, technical simplicity, and a minimal impact upon existing skills and technology investments. By bringing the major of Open Choice to the presentation layer, there is assurance that a decision to implement Enterprise Portal Platform will moderate the risk of evolving trends and technologies.
LST Enterprise Portal Platform is a proven, reliable high performance web portal platform with the following benefits:

  • Maximize Your Existing Investments - This leads to a faster time to value for your portal project and a minimizing of the rip and replace mentality commonly associated with large portal stacks.
  • Easy To Manage Site Tools - With its new dynamic, easily customized user interface and administration tools it is easier than ever for line of business resources to create, customize and manage their own web sites.
  • Easily Create and Manage Your Web Content - With the EPP Site Publisher technical preview, you can author, publish and manage web content within the context of the portal. This eliminates the need for adding or integrating content management systems for many common portal and website scenarios.
  • Simple, Robust and Reliable - As always the Enterprise Portal Platform has been focused upon delivering a high performance, high scale portal solution while maintaining an extremely light footprint.





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