• Water Supply Management System

Water Supply is the software for water supply agencies to provide systematic transactions. It maintains all the information about the employee, supplier and customer. It is having multiple features like access rights, advance booking, trip sheet allotment, stock maintenance, sales, Invoice calculations, Bill generation, bank details and Cheque details. It also provides reports for the above features.


  • Travel Agency Management System

Integrating front and back-office systems enables a travel agent to deliver new levels of customer service, user productivity and business control, along with significant opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Travel Agency Management System delivers all the management, administration and reservations functionality an agency needs, automating every step from accounting to electronic documentation, reporting to booking status

  • CRM Management
The generally accepted purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to enable organizations to better serve its customers through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures for interacting with those customers.
The term CRM is used to describe either the software or the whole business strategy oriented on customer needs. The second one is the description which is correct. The main misconception of CRM is that it is only software, instead of whole business strategy. Major areas of CRM focus on service automated processes, personal information gathering and processing, and self-service. It attempts to integrate and automate the various customer serving processes within a company.
There are three parts of application architecture of CRM:
  • Operational - automation to the basic business processes (marketing, sales, service)
  • Analytical - support to analyze customer behavior, implements business intelligence alike technology
  • Cooperation - ensures the contact with customers (phone, email, fax, web...)
  • Provides timely reports about clients and staff



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