Publication Management Suite

Publication Management software is designed to meet the needs of medium sized book publishers and distributors. LST offers publishers an integrated solution featuring accounting management, EDI, inventory, marketing, production scheduling, rights, royalties, subscriptions and more.


Features & Usage

  • Purchase Order for books and magazines Generated for the Business.
  • Stock In to the Business on different dates and time.
  • Book Entry done based on purchase as a key of Book Title / Author / Publisher.
  • Subscriber Profile creation, renewal are done for Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Biweekly and Lifetime periods.
  • Editing, Viewing, Renewal and Dispatch Entry of Subscribers done for continual improvement of the business through Mailing.
  • Contact Information for Complementary Issues are made and edited. In addition label option print out and exporting list to different file formats are provided
  • Stock Management is handled from purchase to delivery in different categories like Book title, Author Name, Publishers and Corresponding Reports are generated
  • Reports for Invoice No, Delivery Challan and Credit Note Entry are generated


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